If a natural or man-made disaster forced you to flee your house in a moment’s notice? Would you be prepared? Introducing...

The Ultimate
Evacuation and
Survival Kit

What if a natural or man-made disaster forced you to flee your house in a momentís notice? Would you be prepared?

- Thomson, Illinois

Natural and man-made disasters are happening with surprising frequency in the U.S. and around the world, itís becoming more important than ever to be ready to flee your house in a momentís notice.

Within the last few years, wild fires have raged for weeks in California and Colorado. Hurricanes have pounded Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Unexpected and repeated flooding has displaced thousands of people in Tennessee. And more recently a massive fireball caused by a gas explosion ripped through a California neighborhood, destroying more than 50 homes.

  • All of these disasters have been deadly.
  • All of them have struck suddenly with unexpected force.
  • All of them have forced people to evacuate their homes.

And if you live in an area where natural disasters typically aren’t a problem, then please consider this:

All It Would Take Is One Terrorist Attack To Create Total Chaos Overnight

In Europe and in debt-strapped nations around the world, politicians are calling for austerity measures -- spending cutbacks that directly affect the citizensí quality of life.

Some citizens go along with the austerity measures.

But others fight back.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the country of Ecuador, where police launched a violent rebellion when their benefits were cut by a new austerity measure. While they didnít assassinate the president of their country, they physically harassed him and assaulted him with tear gas. According to one source:

ďThe state of emergency puts the military in charge of public order, suspending civil liberties and allowing soldiers to carry out searches without a warrant. Hundreds of officers involved in the insurrection made barricades out of burning tires that cut off highway access to the capital.Ē

Based on the magnitude of the reaction, you might think the police officersí pay had been cut in half. But the cutbacks were relatively minor: no more medals and bonuses for promotions. Think about it... if such a minor cutback could cause such a massive uprising, just imagine what would happen if major cutbacks went into effect!

Firefighters put out a burning barricade during a general strike in central Barcelona.

The U.S. Is Just As Vulnerable To Protests, Riots, & Shutdowns. Even The Smallest Cutbacks Here Could Cause Total Chaos!

But just as scary, almost 50 million people in the U.S. are on food stamps and live in densely populated cities with no ability to grow their own food. As food prices rise and government money no longer buys what it once did, citizens will become desperate.

Any type of currency collapse or default would be catastropic, especially in urban areas. But we have to cut the budget right? Just imagine what police and unionized firefighters might do in this country if their pay or benefits were drastically reduced. We might quickly discover that we have a lot in common with Europe and Ecuador.

If you are prepared, then youíll be able to handle your new circumstances well. Youíll be able to stay warm, eat balanced meals and feed your family, too. But if you are NOT prepared, you may have to face some of the most unsettling and emotionally disturbing days of your entire life.

And thatís why I want to tell you about a brand new product Powerful Living is offering. Itís called:

My Evac Pack: The Ultimate Survival Kit for Emergency Evacuations

ďMy Evac PackĒ is an easy-to-carry bag filled with the essential food and supplies youíll need to survive in any kind of short-term survival situation. There are two sizes: one is a backpack and the other is a rolling duffle bag with a retractable handle.

Both are packed with great-tasting, nutritionally dense dehydrated food. Simply add water and youíll have a meal to rival any home-cooked dinner. Plus, youíll get all kinds of tools and supplies to help you survive just about any kind of survival situation.

The Rolling Duffle Bag is by far the best value. It provides enough food and supplies to last one person for two whole weeks... or two people for one week. You get 44 servings of food, and dozens of supplies that youíll find indispensable while youíre away from your home. Hereís what is included in the My Evac Pack rolling duffle bag:

Emergency Duffle Bag on Wheels: Quantity 1
Swiss Army Knife: Quantity 1
Bottle of Potassium Iodide: Quantity 1
5-in-1 Survival Whistle: Quantity 1
Emergency Ponchos: Quantity 2
Hygiene Kit: Quantity 1
NIOSH N95 Dust Masks: Quantity 1
Hand and Body Warmers: Quantity 2
Complete Stove In A Can: Quantity 1
Sewing Kit: Quantity 1
12 Hour Bright Stick: Quantity 2
50 ft. Nylon Rope: Quantity 1
6 packages of Pocket Tissue: Quantity 6 packages
Flashlight: Quantity 1
Deck of Playing Cards: Quantity 1
Roll of Duct Tape
Waste Bag: Quantity 2
Mylar Sleeping Bags: Quantity 2
Leather Palm Work Gloves: Quantity 1
107 Piece First-Aid Kit: Quantity 1
Water Purification Tablets: Quantity 10
Metal Fork: Quantity 1
Knife and Spoon: Quantity 1
Sierra Cup: Quantity 1
Emergency Food Supply: Quantity 44 Servings

*The items portrayed in the video have recently changed due to supply and demand. The list of items above is what is in the deluxe bag.

The My Evac Pack Backpack is still a very good value. It contains 20 servings of food, enough for one person for one week. It includes some of the same tools and supplies, but not as many of them. Hereís exactly whatís included:

Large Hikers Backpack: Quantity 1
6 packages of Pocket Tissue: Quantity 6 packages
Flashlight: Quantity 1
Deck of Playing Cards: Quantity 1
Sewing Kit: Quantity 1
Waste Bag: Quantity 2
Emergency Ponchos: Quantity 2
12 Hour Bright Stick: Quantity 2
50 foot Nylon Rope: Quantity 1
Mylar Sleeping Bags: Quantity 2
Leather Palm Work Gloves: Quantity 1
37 Piece Bandage Kit: Quantity 1
Portable Stove: Quantity 1
Stove Fuel Tablets: Quantity 16
Metal Fork
Knife and Spoon: Quantity 1
Sierra Cup: Quantity 1
Emergency Food Supply: Quantity 20 Servings
You will receive 5 pouches (4 servings each) of our dehydrated food

And hereís the best part: The emergency food supply thatís included in My Evac Pack has a shelf-life of 25 years! Thatís because each 4-serving meal is packaged in a nitrogen-flushed mylar pouch. The unique packaging process removes 98% of the residual oxygen, which means the food will taste just as flavorful and fresh two decades from now as it will today!

Which Evac Pack Is Best For You?

If you compare the duffle against the backpack, youíll notice the duffle comes with a complete Stove In A Can, ponchos, dust mask and a few other items which the backpack does not have. Here is a complete list of the items that are unique to the rolling duffle bag. These items are NOT included in the backpack:

Sewing Kit: Quantity 1
Swiss Army Knife: Quantity 1
Complete Stove In A Can: Quantity 1
5-in-1 Survival Whistle: Quantity 1
Hygiene Kits: Quantity 1
Water Purification Tablets: Quantity 10
NIOSH N95 Dust Masks: Quantity 1
Hand and Body Warmers: Quantity 2
Bottle of Potassium Iodide: Quantity 1
107 Piece First Aid Kit: Quantity 1
50 Hour Emergency Candle: Quantity 1

As you can see, these supplies could come in quite handy in an emergency survival situation. If you are married or have kids, you may want to have these supplies as part of your evacuation survival kit. In fact, you might even want to get one rolling duffle and one backpack as well. Or perhaps even two rolling duffle bags. It really depends on how many people are in your family and how much food and supplies you will need.

If, on the other hand, you are single... or you feel like the increased portability of the backpack would be an advantage to you... then the backpack may be a better choice.

When It Comes Time to Get Out of Dodge, You Need To Be Able To ďGrab And Go!Ē

In an emergency, time is a luxury most of us wonít have. Thatís why you need to always be ready to run out the front door... without looking back.

And just imagine how much better youíd feel if you could grab the My Evac Pack out of the hall closet as you dash out of your house. Even better, imagine being able to grab your car keys and speeding off, knowing that your My Evac Pack was already loaded in the trunk, ready to go.

With the right preparation and planning, you could get the heck out of dodge feeling prepared and ready to face the next two weeks with at least a measure of security and confidence that you could make it on your own.

Emergencies You May Experience And How To Be Prepared

Blizzards - Every year, blizzards hit dozens of norther states, from as far west as Washington to as far east as Maine. Most deaths caused by blizzards happen when people get stranded in their cars. Wouldn’t it be smart to have an Evac Pack in your car all winter long, just in case?

Car Breakdown - Imagine being stranded on the side of the road, outside the range of cell phone towers. (There are many such places in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.) As you wait for hours, an Evac Pack could provide you with water, nourishment, and even warmth.

Civil Unrest - Riots and outright revolts have erupted in Europe and South America as more governments implement austerity measures to help balance their budgets. How long until we see civil unrest in the U.S.? Nobody knows, but when it happens, you’ll want to be able to grab your Evac Pack and leave, if necessary.

Earthquakes - Every year, there are about 6 earthquakes in the U.S. that register a 6.0 or higher on the Richter scale. One of those is usually a 7.0 or higher, which can cause major damage. And while earthquakes can sometimes hit suddenly, an Evac Pack could help you get through the aftermath.

Floods - During 2010, Tennessee experienced some of the worst flooding in the state’s history. The flood waters hit hard and fast. Some were able to evacuate; others were stranded. Either way, an Evac Pack would have been a valuable asset for many of the people living in the flood zones of Tennessee.

Forest Fires - Here’s what you need to know about forest fires. They are always unexpected, and when one starts, it can move fast. For people whose homes are threatened, there is usually very little time to prepare. But with an Evac Pack safely stored in your car, you’d be guaranteed of having basic survival materials in case of sudden evacuation.

Hurricanes - Do you remember Hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Do you remember the massive lines of traffic trying to get out of the city? Many of the people who got stuck simply took too long to flee. An Evac Pack will improve your response time so you can get out -- and get safe -- before everybody else does.

Off-Road Accident - You’re pushing your jeep over rocks and up steep trails when all of a sudden you roll. Everybody is safe except for minor scratches and bruises, but you’re now well off the trail and nobody in sight to help you. There is no cell phone signal. An Evac Pack tucked in the back of your off-road vehicle could keep you warm and buy you enough time to get help.

An Investment Every ďAmericanĒ Should Make

Fortunately, My Evac Pack is quite affordable, especially when you consider that it could save your life and the lives of your immediate family members.

It would take days (or even weeks!) to assemble all of the materials in this kit. That's if you had the time to do all the research. But the fact is, most of us simply don't have the time. So we've done all the leg work for you. All the running around. All the testing. And, if you did put together your own kit, you would probably spend upward of $350.00 to assemble your own duffle bag kit. (One person told us it would take $600.00)

The best value is the rolling duffle bag with the retractable handle. You can get one for your family for just $259. And the backpack is still an excellent value. It is only $179.

And as you know, all of us here at Powerful Living take great pride in the products we offer. We want to make sure you are totally satisfied with your purchase, which is why we are offering a full 1-Year Guarantee on the My Evac Pack products.

Go ahead and get your My Evac Pack rolling duffle bag or backpack today. Store it in a hall closet, or your garage, or even in your car. Then if for any reason during the next year you are not totally thrilled with your purchase (and enjoying the peace of mind such an emergency evacuation kit gives you), then simply return the whole thing to us for a prompt refund of your money, minus shipping costs.

Remember: You canít predict when or where an emergency will strike. The people in California who had a fireball rip through their neighborhood never would have imagined such an event, not in a thousand years. And the citizens of Ecuador probably never imagined they would personally witness a widespread police rebellion and the sudden implementation of martial law.

But these things happen, often when you least expect it. And while you canít predict an emergency, you can most certainly prepare for it. I sincerely hope you will make a wise investment and get prepared starting today.

First, select which version of the My Evac Pack you would like (and how many). Then go ahead and complete the ordering process. We use totally secure SSL servers and your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Please click on the link below to order now.


Bill Heid

P.S. ďMommy, Iím really, really hungry. Canít I have something to eat?Ē These are words you probably never want to hear... but itís not hard to imagine in an emergency situation. After only a day or two without food, hunger pains are severe, especially for kids. Please, make sure you are prepared for any kind of emergency evacuation -- get your My Evac Pack today.

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